Guitar Classes

The most popular string instrument usually has 6 strings. It has gained a lot of popularity in India as a most popular music instrument for the young generation. Being one of the top instruments used in the Bollywood music, Kids can experiment a lot with music," he says. "It's much easier now to take riffs and loops and create a song. Guitar has now become a symbol of music in India.

We have Guitar Programs & Courses for children, teenagers, youth & adults. Our Guitar lessons will help develop your guitar learning skills.

At. Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Academy, our traned guitar teachers will help you to learn guitar playing the right way. We have different programs for students to learn the Guitar ranging from the Beginners level to Grade-8 level. It is necessary for a student to possess a Guitar of their own, in order to practice at home. Guitar is taught by Mr. Sanju, a trained Guitar professional from Trinity School London.