Structured Course and Examinations


Primary Level - Praveshika, Prarambhika-1
Junior Level - Junior Diploma - Bhushan 1
Senior Level - Senior Diploma - Bhushan 2 Bhushan 3

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Music - Prabhakar, Visharad
Bachelor of Arts (Music) - Praveen, Bhaskar
Doctorate Programs - Sangeet Acharaya

Other Courses Available-

Indian Classical Music - Vocal Singing Classes
Indian Classical Dance - Kathak, Bharatnatyam
Western Dance - Hip-Hop, Bollywood Style, Zumba
Instrumental - Tabla, Guitar, Harmonium, Keyboard, Piano, Sitar
Art - Drawing, Sketching, Water Colours, Oil & Acrylic paintings
Drama - Acting Techniques, Voice , Speech and Dictions, Play performances

Also Enquire For - Bollywood Old Songs, Bhajans, Karaoke Singing