Join The Team of Certified Music and Dance Teachers

And Get Your Students Certified in Music and Dances Courses

Be a recognized Teacher for Courses and Certifications. Join our team and be an affiliated teacher which empowers you to get certifications for your Students.

Get affiliated from “Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Academy” the renowned name in Indian Classical Music and Dance Courses. Be a Listed Music, Dance, Instruments teacher and follow a curriculum as per the guidelines of “Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Academy”. Get your students certified with the Examination and Certification System which is flexible and ensures longevity of the Student.

A student feels associated when the teacher ensures that whatever he/she is learning, gets him a certificate. This ensures that the Student will be associated with the teacher for a longer time. This also gives the parent a feeling that the child is learning and growing in the field, whether it is Music, Dance or an Instrument.

  • Build Your Credibility with Connecting to the Strongest Brand Name in “Indian Classical Music & Dance”.
  • Be a Recognised “Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Academy” Teacher In Your Field of Expertise.
  • Award Your Students with the certifications from Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Academy.

Affiliation Fees - Joining Fees - Only Rs. 499/- per year, payable via Online and Offline Modes to Swar Kala Sangam Performing Arts Pvt. Ltd.

What You will Get – A Certificate of Association/Affiliation (Online version) – For Physical certificate (Rs. 200 extra) as handling charges.

Benefits Of Association

  • Flexibility In Teaching
  • No Minimum Student Criteria
  • Ready Courses and Syllabus
  • Online Examination Module (3 times a Year)
  • Benefits of Examinations & Certificates
  • Teacher Name and Recognition on Certificates
  • Recognition of Students Learnings
  • Select Student to perform in Annual Events (Paid)
  • Talent Search Events (Paid)


  • Prarambhik – One Year Course
  • Junior Diploma – 2 Year Certification Course
  • Senior Diploma – 3 Year Diploma Course
  • Honours Diploma – 2 Year Honours Certication

Online Examination Module

  • Thrice a Year Examination (Jan/Feb – May/Jun – Sept/Oct)
  • Flexibility in course Joining and preparations
  • Online Examination - Theory/Viva
  • Online Video Submission as per the guidelines
  • Online Live Exam


  • Practical: Performance Based in Live Exam & Video Exam (75 Marks)
  • Theory Marks as per Online Theory Exam/Viva Exam (25 Marks)

Student Enrollment

  • Form Enrollment Fees per Student - Rs. 999/- (Charged By Teacher)
  • Additional Charges - Online Certificate - 99/-, Physical Certificate Charges - 250/-
  • Affiliate Teachers Management Fees - Rs. 499/- per Student (Paid By Swar Kala Sangam Performing Arts Pvt. Ltd to the Respective Affiliate Teachers)
  • Student Mass Enrollment Forms in Excel Sheet to be submitted / Option of Physical Forms also which can be submitted