Electronic Keyboard Classes / Piano Classes

Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Academy’s “Swar Kala Sangam” presents Electronic Keyboard Classes and Piano Instrument Classes – Classes for Children, Teenagers and Adults.

The keyboard can be described as a set of adjacent keys on a musical instrument such as the piano, organ and synthesizer. The keyboard is made up of black and white keys. The black keys are grouped in sets of two and three, while the white keys appear beside each other. The white keys on the keyboard are called natural keys and the black keys are called sharp or flat keys. With its substantial range of notes, and vast potential for melodic and harmonic interplay, the instrument has remained a mainstay in diverse genres like classical music, gospel, R and B, jazz, and film music.

The Piano Classes/ Keyboard Classes course is aimed at complete beginners, music industry pros, producers, songwriters, DJ’s, electronic musicians and Classical piano students. At Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Academy’s “Swar Kala Sangam” Piano Classes/ keyboard classes, The main aim here is to generate a fair level of comfort on your instrument. The keyboard is a more than capable “Percussion” instrument and hence the skills of syncopation and independence become very crucial. “Ear Training” is essential for composing, improvising and collaborating with other musicians. A direct descendant of the piano, the keyboard is a similar and less expensive option. It’s a popular option for many students who wish to gain a basic understanding of musical notes and piano playing. It is more portable and with its multifunctional features, making it easily accessible for anyone and everyone.

At Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Academy’s “Swar Kala Sangam” Piano Classes/ keyboard classes in Gurgaon the students are taught how to read notation, play songs and most importantly, gain hand control, where the left hand plays one set of notes, and the right hand plays another, simultaneously. The Keyboard/Piano course helps you build the following skills -

  • Demonstrating Melody, Harmony and Rhythm
  • Exploring the range
  • Evolution with Technology
  • Use of the keyboard in Multiple Genres

The clarity of concepts and rules of music give you a solid platform to confidently express yourself as an artist. Every new concept is like entering into another musical adventure. You will discover the nuances of vast musical cultures and study the harmony, melody and rhythms in detail.

We expose our students to wide range of musical and creative opportunities to train, excel and develop great musical skills. The Piano Classes/ keyboard classes in Gurgaon Music lessons, classes, education programs and courses at Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Academy’s “Swar Kala Sangam” the music academy in gurgaon is designed to develop professional level technique and musicianship through performance-intensive and immersive experiences. Keyboard Classes and piano classes and lessons are taught by leading professionals and students will get trained in the basics of Keyboard and piano Music playing, including performance, ear training, melodic along a huge variety of contemporary styles.